Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Ready for the NEC

I spent a few hours on the estate this evening,  set the tickover to 800 rpm so it doesn't lurch into gear - as the engine has run in, the tickover had increased when hot to about 1300 rpm, due to less friction.

I still have a slight "hunting" at hot tickover which needs attention - maybe a little rich or the points need attention.

I also fitted the remaining window trim which has been absent for a very long time.

But I cannot locate the trim from the C pillar upright - does anyone have a spare one ? I have tried most of the usual suspects.

All it needs is a clean, some petrol, and its off to the NEC on Thursday. Hope to see you all there.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Data Sheets


Its amazing what gets dug up after all this time. I was lucky enough to be given some copies of the FFD data sheets relating to two of the 4 wheel drive Stags, copies of which follow, the project numbers match the build card records that I was given some time ago.

Sadly my estate's records were not to be found. But these detail most of the modifications, part numbers of the GKN joints, fluid capacities (in imperial) and types. Camber, caster angles etc, and the increased weights of the vehicles, and the need to increase the front tyre pressures by 2 lbs.

Interestingly the Stags were fitted with 3.7 diffs, the estate has a 3.45.

It also reveals a weight increase of 244lbs

Really interesting documents.

Where am I?