Sunday, 21 December 2014

More exhaust and engine goodies.

Well, one engine goodie anyway, a NOS rocker shaft - unobtainium, with the new rockers that I have it should make for a good quiet head in due course.

The ported manifold is now fitted, again a "feel different" response from the engine - no wonder the engines don't live up to their potential when fitted to a car. I have had to lower the idle speed significantly since completing the exhaust so it must be working.

I am now playing with a microsquirt kit, as I mentioned in my last post I intend to efi this engine while a build a new one (and overhaul the gearbox) so that I will have the efi all sorted - with perhaps some remapping required when the new engine is ready. The next project is to fit a trigger wheel so I can fit an edis module which will then talk to the microsquirt I shall make the brackets up for the crank pickup sensor on my spare engine block.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Exhaust Done

Outwardly the new exhaust still looks like an original triumph one. This was intentional as I like the classic look of the 2 Sprint tailpipes.

However they are a larger diameter than usual, and the centre box silencers are straight through - well almost - there's a U bend in the pipe at the end of the box - where the normal silencers just have 2 pipes going into a plenum, 1 in and 1 out, which significantly reduces back pressure.

The joints are flanged, there's a flexible section after the gearbox to downpipe clamp, to reduce loads on the manifold interface, and there's a boss fitted for a lambsa sensor.

All the pipes are larger diameter than normal, so all I need to do now is swap the cast manifold over for the ported one

Does it work, well its nice and quiet - hasn't ruined the character of the Sprint, and the engine is certainly more willing to rev, and go further upto the redline. I cannot quantify the power gains, hopefully I'll get the manifold on this weekend and see how it all is, but there's certainly more induction roar. Tick over speed has incresed too, presumably as the engine is doing less work pumping gases out f the exhaust

The costs came in at no more money than an after market large bore down pipe and system from a well known supplier. But this is of far superior quality to the phoenix system they market, it fits without issue, and with the flanged joints will be easy to remove or refit as and when I need to,

So well done to JP Exhausts - again.

The next part of the project is to EFI the existing engine, but a start on this will need to wait until after Christmas

Saturday, 13 December 2014

More engine progress

While I have been in Edinburgh, the Sprint has been at JP exhausts in Macclesfield, I am due to collect it on Monday afternoon. I'm looking forward to that.

In the meantime some more engine goodies have arrived

NOS VP2 STD bearings from the states

There may appear to be too many shells for the big ends - there are, this was originally a set for a Stag, but the shells are the same, so I have a few spares now !

and the new inlet manifold for webbers or Jenvey throttle bodies

pictures to follow of the new exhaust

Where am I?