Sunday, 21 December 2014

More exhaust and engine goodies.

Well, one engine goodie anyway, a NOS rocker shaft - unobtainium, with the new rockers that I have it should make for a good quiet head in due course.

The ported manifold is now fitted, again a "feel different" response from the engine - no wonder the engines don't live up to their potential when fitted to a car. I have had to lower the idle speed significantly since completing the exhaust so it must be working.

I am now playing with a microsquirt kit, as I mentioned in my last post I intend to efi this engine while a build a new one (and overhaul the gearbox) so that I will have the efi all sorted - with perhaps some remapping required when the new engine is ready. The next project is to fit a trigger wheel so I can fit an edis module which will then talk to the microsquirt I shall make the brackets up for the crank pickup sensor on my spare engine block.

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