Monday, 12 September 2016

Just when I thought it was all over

I had got the Sprint to the stage where I thought that all I was left with was those niggly little jobs:-

Check gearbox oil level
Check diff oil level

So on Sunday, I worked down the list, event to the point of curing the "squeaky" clutch pedal - needed a strip down and a grease of the shaft and spring, and as its buried under the dash, the parcel shelf has to come out.

That done, the final item was left - check brakes and pads, fronts were nice and easy, but shock and horror when I removed one of the rear drums

oil in the rear brakes - well at least drivers side - the lining wasn't fully contaminated, which is why there had been no noticeable pulling to one side under breaking.

I couldn't understand this, as the rear wheel bearings were replaced 2 years ago, with new seals as well, and there's no issue on the passenger side

However I had a sudden thought, and checked the axle breather - blocked solid with years of debris - soon cleared with a piece of welding rod

Its always the little things that get you - I should have checked it when I did the bearings - new shoes will arrive tomorrow, so it will be mobile again and I can get back to adding the miles

It has a slight oil weep from the rear crankshaft oil seal but I think I will leave this (and may live to regret this) rather than joint the gearbox removal club just before the RBRR

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Finishing off jobs for the RBRR

I have put a few hundred miles on the car this week, and no oil leaks (can't be a Triumph then!)

I did notice some oil weeping from the sparkplug tubes, so time to replace these with some modern replacements which have replaceable O ring oil seals

I was please to note that all the plugs were a good biscuit brown, despite all the oil on the threads, which was released from the spark plug tube on plug removal - it justifies the rolling road session

It was good to also note that the head is still clean in the oil ways and around the camshaft, since it was last removed when the water pump drive failed.

I also painted my seat runners.


jobs left to do :-

Cure the re booting of the Davis Craig water pump / fan controller - its always done this, and it was a PITA during the last RBRR on the run to the A1 and the M40 on the Sunday in the slow traffic - I am going to build a filter network at work to put in its supply.

I need to check headlamp alignment

Check oil levels in diff and gearbox

drive it more and see if I can break anything

Where am I?