Saturday, 22 November 2014

Its Christmas Time and exhausting work

Well maybe not, but I did receive some more presents in the post today

Adjustable front suspension tie rods

hydraulic clutch assembly - no more lever arm and clevis pins to fail

which assembled look like this

complete with pipework

and adjustable pedal stop

Thanks to Rob at Sprint Speed for these.

Now on to  the exhaust.  Sprint engine really like a reduction in back pressure, so the first job before getting a new exhaust system is to open out the exhaust manifold downpipe ports. Fortunately I have a nos manifold to work with.

As standard these are 35mm diameter,

even though the flange gasket is 43mm as shown by the ring of engineers blue round each hole

The ST manual recommends 45 mm with similar sized downpipes, so this is what they look like opened out (the socket is 45mm diameter)

Not a great deal of "meat" left between the ports, but just enough for 2 exhaust tube walls.

Here's old and new

I can take the car for its new exhaust system now

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