Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sprint and TR5 Work

I had been meaning to lift the rear suspension  on the Sprint, via the adjustable spring seat platforms on the dampers since the RBRR.

While on that little jaunt, the ocassional bottoming out of the rear suspension had been put down to 2 fat bastards - Andy and Myself and a boot full of spares, but on the HCR I had the same issue with Anne as a co-driver - and I daren't say that she is overweight.

Looking at the car, even with no passengers the car sat lower than it should, so the tail down attitude must have been due to the rear springs settling, so this weekend I got the C spanner out and adjusted the platforms. With the seats at their highest setting, I gained another 1" of height - if I still have a problem I think new springs of a better quality will be required, but it now looks like this will be fine when driven.

I have also taken the time to fit some sound deadening material under the bonnet - it makes the engine much quieter, and the bonnet now shuts with a "thud" instead of a "clang" - This stuff is made by dynamat, and is foil ontop of a 10mm layer of foam

Back to the 5 and I finally got the fuel pipes finished and clipped into place.

I nearly forgot the tank vent

Wiring next !

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