Saturday, 26 September 2009

The other side.

Because of the slight differences in the length of the new rear wing compared to the old, I have decided to leave the rear of the estate until the other side is done, to see if the other new rear wing has a similar increase in length. if so I can adjust the tailgate to suit.

So we turned the car round today - its quite light at the front without an engine.

Removed the driver's side front wing. This was a replacement brazed on (an MOT fail if spotted now, I believe). The inner wheel arch is in better condition than the other side, but the top of the scuttle area is much worse.

I also found this horrible bodge, an access plate, secured with self tappers in the inner wheel arch, to gain access to the car radio aerial.

Started with a repair to the front of this box section.

Then cut out the rear as before, the corrosion extended much further back than the other side, past the top wing mounting flange.

Repaired as before, the top of the box section.

Then added the rain channel support

Then the top closing section of the plenum, and formed the water gutter at the same time.

There is a small amount of distortion where the replacement panel joins which will require some lead loading later on. I have still to fabricate and locate the top wing mounting flange, but I will do that when I fit the wing to make sure it is the correct height.

Inner wheel arch next.

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