Sunday, 27 September 2009

Front Wing

Before working on the inner wheel arch, I need to trial fit the front wing, so I can align the wheel arch flanges. I had noticed that the top flange where the wing fits was very thin - probably because the old wing had been brazed on, which had allowed more than normal corrosion on the top flange (it wouldn't have been as tight a fit as is normal when spot welds are used), so I replaced the top of the flange with new metal.

The rest of the day has been spent adjusting the wing fit, its still not quite spot on, as its about 2 mm higher at the rear of the headlamp closing panel now - perfect at the front, but not quite right at the back.

It will do for now, as I can make more adjustments as I fit and remove the wing while working on the inner wheel arch.

So here's the new wing trial fitted.

Not much obvious progress for an entire day, but this has to fit well, as any errors will be very obvious when the car is painted. The rear fit on the sill, windscreen panel and door area are good.

I can now repair the inner wheel arch

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