Saturday, 3 October 2009

Radiator Support and other bits

I didn't get as much done on the estate today as planned, 2 reasons:-

1). a hangover
2). a puncture necessitating a tyre repair and visit to the local KwikFit.

Anyway, these arrived in the week, new radiator (discount offer from Rimmers) and the radiator support panel from a Stag, that had been on back order for months.

So fitted the Stag radiator via its top mounts - its a bit of a squeeze in a 2500 engine bay, and bolted a cut down radiator support panel to its lower threaded support mounts

Tacked the panel in place

Fabricated some end supports from the chassis rails to the support panel, and here it is all finished

Radiator put back for a test fit of the completed support, as you can see here only a few mm between it and the Stag battery box.

By this stage I didn't feel up to the complexities of repairing the inner wheel arch lip, so I contented myself in filling the large hole cut in the inner wing for the antenna

So I guess it will be back to the inner wheel arch tomorrow

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