Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Rust, is there no end to the rust?

Its not the rust that I know about, its the new rust in strange areas that I find, that I object to. Why has it rotted by the top of the tunnel??

Remove the front bulkhead pad, and there's 2 more holes, either side of the gearbox tunnel in the bulkhead, and both extending into the tunnel. The other side is the same. Its a 3 panel patch to repair nicely too

So not quick, a plate in the tunnel, and 2 on the bulhead, a (w)hole afternoons work, still first one finished and looks like this

The truth is I am putting off the wheel arch repair, I cannot get the repair panels to fit nicely, so rather than bodge it, I go and do other jobs on the car, its not as if I am short of them!

Got a new propshaft made for it today too MAC Propshafts in Coventry, and Polybushes from Canley Classics, so by the time the body is finished I should have everything ready to go back on the car.

Took a load more items off for powder costing too.

I am having another attempt at getting the engine to turn. I have been using Hammerite rust dip on parts for the 5, and unlike other rust removers, it leaves clean bare metal, not a converted solid rust barrier, so a load of this has been poured down the bores. I intend to leave it a week, then reapply to each bank with the engine canted over, so that it also fills the combustion chambers as 2 pistons are near tdc, and being a V8 I suspect I am not getting the solution to the area of the piston at the top of the bore in the area of the V - I will report on the outcome.

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