Saturday, 24 October 2009

With very grateful thanks to Dave Harvey

Today's blog is dedicated in thanks to Dave Harvey who has kindly provided his only NOS nearside front wing for this project. I know how rare these are, and I really appreciate the decision to make it available for this job. Thank you Dave.

Thanks are also due to Allan Chatterton for donating the rear trim panel for the tailgate, and to Lee Godfrey for his support.

Back to the work. Chassis rail was a bit frilly on the flange, especially where the front outrigger has rusted away, and there is a hole right through the side where the outrigger was fitted

So I put a replacement piece of metal in place, this was "stretched" on the non  flange edge to let it follow the upwards curve of the chassis rail.

and front out rigger now temporarly in place.


Above the other flange there's a nasty hole in the transmission tunnel, where it has been heated and hammered into a new shape to clear the 4wd tranmission


Repair part made up, which will be weld into place tomorrow - I may have to repair the flange on the chassis rail on this side too, but I cannot investigate that until the tunnel flange is cut away.


Floor pan now fits nicely, but I won't fit this, or the outrigger until the sill repairs are done


So if time allows I will be cutting the sills off this side tomorrow.

Now the running totals of hours and cost.

Hours spent now 310 - 6 hours today.

Costs now £5923 - £50 spent on powder coating.

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