Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Very Pleasant Surprise

I didn't work on the car on Sunday, because I have been off work with Man Flu, and not feeling very well.
Completely bored, sick of TV and books, but felt a little better this afternoon, not good enough for bodywork, but I fancied a little play with the engine. I was really unsure what I would find, but anyway, inlet and exhaust manifolds off - "I know I will try and remove the head studs." They all came straight out, none seized, none stuck, and in really good condition as the picture shows.

Considering the rest of the car it was unbelievable, one head straight off - no struggle

And the cam, lobes and followers in really nice condition - some small evidence of chain stretch, but certainly backs up the speedo at 36000 miles only.

The bores are interesting, is still seized but the chemicals I have been using have worked, most rust gone from the bores.


Here's the other head this came off easily too

A nice mess of various chemicals in the bores. If there is nothing too nasty found under the grunge (and most seems ok) I think I will get by with new rings and a hone - what a pleasant result

3 hours work

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