Sunday, 18 October 2009

Second Time Lucky

Less progress on the estate this weekend as I spent Saturday watching the Historic Sports Cars Racing at Silverstone, where a good time was had by all.

Back to the car, made the duplicate repair panel for the lower A post and fitted that, and then made up the "guttter rail" which had rotted through, shown here from the front, - with the lower A post repair.

and from behind and around the top of the drivers door


and now I can test fit the outer panel removed from the windscreen pillar. I may not use this one, as there is rot in it, I will need to inspect the pillar on the replacement roof to see if it is in better condition. Still the fit is good. I have made the gutter channel wider than needed, so it can be cut back to fit after the roof transplant. The roof transplant is fairly close now, a few small gutter repairs to finish, then I will clean off the flanges on this car and remove the last parts of the old roof, and after cutting the new roof off the old cant rails attempt to fit it.


Next job, drivers side floor pan, as you can see not much left of the front out rigger.


Still some bits left to cut out, but thats for next time.

Now the running totals of hours and cost.

Hours spent now 304 - 5 hours today, 6 last weekend.

Costs now £5873 - spare sill parts sold.

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