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Assessor's Paint Report

Here is the Assessor's report on the Paint, just names and costs removed to protect the innocent!

Our Ref: 8,41692 14 March 2011

Vehicle: Triumph 2500Type: 5 Door Estate
Reg No: YKV 201L
Chassis: MG57046SCBWP
Mileage: 00000Colour: Triumph White
Date of lnsp: 11 March 2011
Location: Sutton Coldfield

ENGINEERS REPORT -Post Repair lnspection

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your instructions in this case, we confirm completing our post repair inspection of the above mentioned vehicle at your home address - date as above. We understand that the purpose of this inspection is to provide a completely independent unbiased opinion of the quality and overall standard of paint work recently completed by XXXXXXXXX


We understand that this is a particularly rare vehicle and is currently part way through a full restoration. lt has been completely stripped of all mechanical and trim components; the body shell has been stripped back to bare metal by Surface Treatments of Dudley, following which an Electro Coating treatment has been applied. Both front wings and front panels have been replaced with new and the roof has been replaced with that from a donor vehicle.

At the time of inspection the vehicles condition can be described as a painted rolling shell, fitted with suspension, doors, tailgate, glass, fuel tank, door trims, dash and sound deadening pads. The bonnet remains to be restored and painted. As we have not had the opportunity of inspecting the vehicle prior to paint, we are unable to comment in detail on costs. We are advised that at figure of XXXX + vat was originally quoted for the work which has now increased by a further XXXX + vat.

Paint finish

First impressions of the work are generally good and paintwork is finished inside and out to a good standard. The colour match to what little of the original can be seen also appears good.

However on close inspection there are a number of issues to the detail which are of concern, in our opinion most appear to be the result of lack of attention to detail during the final stages of paint and final presentation

In considering the overall job and not wishing to be over critical of the repairs, we have also given consideration to the sum charged for this work. In conclusion we are of the opinion that the following issues noted are unacceptable given the costs involved.

We can confirm having noted the following issues which in our opinion require attention:

1). Front panel (top) - multiple dirt inclusions
2). O/S/F Wing - multiple dirt inclusions, repair flaw to the outer arch edge, paint cracked around 2 spot welds on wing flange.
3). N/S/F Wing-multiple dirt inclusions, plug welds on flitch side untidy and showing through due to insufficient preparation, paint transparent along front panel joint which appear to be as result of over polishing.
4). Windscreen Scuttle panel - multiple dirt inclusions, large paint sag to the n/s, sealer has been omitted from scuttle to inner wing joints on both sides.
5). Roof panel-multiple dirt inclusions, ripples evident across the entire width (between swage lines/centre areas) in several places, distorted/poorly replicated swage line to the o/s (above 'C' Post), small dent to the n/s/f area.
6). Tailgate-dirt inclusions and pin holes to the exterior paint surface, paint around the hinge bolts is damaged, alignment to the roof requires attention and the torsion rod hinge system will not either lift or hold the tailgate in the open position.
7). Rear Panel, paint run to o/s top corner, sealer omitted from the joints on both sides between lamp panels and rear panel.
8). O/S/R Quarter panel - sealer omitted from rear window aperture corner, small paint blisters to window frame suggesting moisture penetration, frame edges rough and poorly finished, profile of lower window frame edge not matching n/s frame.
9). N/S/R Quarter panel - sealer omitted from rear window aperture corner, small paint blisters to window frame suggesting moisture penetration, profile of lower window edge not matching o/s frame.
10). O/S/R lnner wheel arch (underside) -Paint work damaged.
11). Vertical surface of rear window surrounds are rippled and not finished flat.
12). Rear window frame flange joints have separated between spot welds, leaving large visible gaps requiring closing between spot welds.


In general and as mentioned above the paint work is to a reasonably good standard, there are a number of areas with dirt inclusion which can be addressed, however there are more serious issues with the roof and tailgate hinge system.

For reassurance we can confirm that an element of dirt inclusion is common in vehicle refinishing, as also is an element of paint sinkage around repair areas. Both issues in most cases can be addressed and satisfactorily rectified by flatting and polishing once that the paint has fully cured. There are however more complex issues to be considered if attempts are to be made to rectify the repair sinkage lines and correction of the o/s roof swage line.

As we are unaware of the condition of the panels prior to paint, also of the amount of material applied, it is difficult to now provide the best advice as to the method of rectification. We can however confirm that to restore the correct roof swage line will certainly require rework and repainting. The same will also be required to both rear window frames. Localised paint work may be sufficient for the front wing flanges, rear panel joints and inner rear wheel arch.

With regard to the tailgate lift system, we understand that tension has been lost as a result of the one rod being cut and re welded. We suggest that this will most likely now require replacing as a unit in order to regain sufficient tension to lift the rear hatch.

This report is based upon the instructions received and on what was visible to us at the time of our inspection.

We confirm that we have attached a selection of annotated photographs which indicate some of the issues referred to above.

"l confirm that I have made clear which facts and matters referred to in this report are within my own knowledge and which are not. Those that are within my own knowledge I confirm to be true. The opinions I have expressed represent my true and complete professional opinions on the matters to which they refer."

Yours sincerely,

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