Sunday, 10 April 2011

Depressing News

Well its official now, I have had 2 new paintshops in to inspect the estate this weekend. Both have said the same, there's no way they will undertake the work unless they strip back all the exterior paint. They cannot be sure what has caused the problems, and there's no way they can give me a warranty on the new paint unless they bare metal the car. Thats got to be done by hand too with a DA and hand finished where a DA cannot get to, because they dont want to use chemicals because of the issue of removing the chemicals afterwards. They may look at soda blasting but its still not going to be quick.

So its a full strip of all the trim, glass, door mechanisms, lights etc etc. Then it goes to the new paintshop. What's worse is that they have both said that they will want the car for 3 - 4 months. Then when I get it back all the trim needs refitting. What a set back, hours and hours of additional unecessary work, plus it won't be finished for this summer now. At the moment I cannot even begin to face the task of the strip down - I suspect it will be a couple of weeks now before I commence that. I have got to remove the new and reconditioned parts carefully, and pack them away carefully hoping that I don't damage them in the process. Absolutely gutted!

The money thay want for the job is eyewatering too (some 80% or so of the original cost to do the entire car), I know I will recover this, but it another outlay, and an ongoing hassel.

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