Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Shiny Shiny

I know its a long time since I posted, but the poor paint saga continues, the paint continues to deteriorate, every panel has pin holes now, and on most you can now see the marks from the orbital sanders, revealing a load of close lines in the paint. There is a great deal of shrinkage of the paint.

If this isn't resolved by the NEC Classic Car show I am thinking of displaying the car, with ALL the paint defects on show so that everyone can see what a poor job was done. Anyway enough of the paint.

I went to the platers today - Marque Restore who are just down the road from me and collected the replated interior seat fittings, what a good job, the picture doesn't do it justice, because I am leaving the parts in the poly bags for protection, but they are just like new, all the screws bolts and other fittings are perfect too.

I have heard from Aldridge Trimming that all the seat backs and load area panels are complete now, so if I get a few hours I will collect them this week too.

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