Friday, 8 July 2011

Chuffed to Bits

Well its all happening now, 2 posts in a week, but this one is about really really good news.

I have finally had a decision from my Bank's legal Dept.

They have agreed that the paint (and other work) is defective and that the Paint Shop should have rectified it without fuss or trouble, so they are paying me for:-

a). A full bare metal repaint
b). the costs of transporting it to and from another paintshop
c). the costs of trim removal and replacement
d). the cost of the chassis tilter and other items retained by the previous paint shop.

Its not going to be quick, even though the refund (which is more than the cost of the original job due to the extra work required and parts retained) will be here in a few days, but at least I can move ahead.

I have found a new body man, and he will take the car later this summer when he has space and time, although it will probably be with him for 4 months. He used to paint Bentley's and the like so I am sure my Triumph will get the paintwork it deserves.

Very Very happy tonight, after all the disappointment and upset.

There's a little further satisfaction too, in that the same legal dept will be seeking to reclaim the bank's money from the Paint Shop.

Maybe finished for Christmas, certainly for next spring, only a year later than planned, but the 4x4 2000 WILL be on the road again after all these years in  2012.

I think I am going to have a little celebration drink or two tonight!!

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