Saturday, 4 February 2012

I don't mind the cold, its the snow that gets me

I know you all want me to get on with the engine, so do I BUT I must finish other jobs first, or they will never get done, it'll be driven unfinished.

First things first, get Ted Taylor's new laminated windscreen fitted, so I don't damage the thing while its sat on the floor.

So new screen rubber fitted to screen, and windscreen trim fitted to that - its easier while its off the car. I can normally get a screen in first attempt, not today, 3 goes and three hours before I was happy with the result. To be fair, I think its the cold, the screen rubber wasn't exactly soft and pliable, and I am normally happy to give windscreens a good bash or two to seat them, but not on a laminate screen - they have a very nasty habit of cracking, so here it is fitted and with windscreen wipers on too

Next, electric cooling fan, I purchased this, its a two speed unit for Stags and looks the business, complete with relays and electronic temp control, it will push or pull. But will it fit ? NO, it would go in if I didn't have an autobox oil cooler, but with that in the way no chance - I need a slimmer standard unit, so no more work on the engine today.

I had a go doing more of the internal trim, but the contact adhesive has turned to rubber in the cold, so I couldn't do that either, and it was getting a bit cold in the garage with snow blowing inside, so I turned my attention to the rear seats.

Good clean, fit the backing boards and chrome trim, and got them finished. Not quite what I had intended to do today.

Tomorrow, if the weather isn't too bad, its time to fit the autobox strengtheners, check and attach the wiring to the start inhibit switch on the box (which will be a pig), and fill the autobox and transmission with ATF

Interesting the size of the pending jobs list, its now down to this:-

FF jobs list

3). Bleed brakes
4). Fill gearbox and transfer box with ATF
5). Fit gearbox to engine stiffeners
6). Adjust handbrake
9). Fit remainder of exterior brightwork (rear window surrounds)
11). Fit dash parcel shelves
13). Fit seat belts
14). Fit side carpet panels to front cockpit
15). Fit ABS electronics module
16) Fit front and rear bumpers – part done
18) Fit carpets
20), Fit remaining interior trim, side panels and wood to rear of estate
21) Fit seats
Part done -22). Complete heads after machining as follows, fit Valves and springs, cam buckets and camshafts, gap tappets with shims
25). Fit inlet manifold and carbs, with fuel pipes, breathers and accelerator cable
26). Fit Dizzy, plug leads and coil
Part done -27) Fit radiator and cooling fan and remaining hoses
29) Make up PAS to pump pipes (won’t take standard Stag ones!)
30). Insert petrol and see if it starts
31). Test gearbox and check kick down
32). Fix run out on front disks – suspect its a hub / bearing issue
33) Fit trim strip to rear window seal
34) Fit window winders and internal door handles
35) Fit ashtrays!
39). Rust proof box sections with Dinotrol
41). Complete bonnet lead loading and paint somehow and fit
42). MOT
Part done - 43). Get old registration back – part done
44). Cure slow airleak in 2 tyres
45). Run and test!

I MUST get the manifold back next week from the machine shop

hours worked now 865 - 8 today

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