Friday, 3 February 2012

Tubular Bends

Took the car trailer up to JP Exhausts in Macclesfield today and collected the estate. I haven't even unloaded it yet I am so pleased with the exhaust and manifolds that they have fabricated, and couldn't wait to share the pictures with you all.

Despite the difficulties and extra work it's still come in at the quoted price - what gentlemen and skilled too, after my paintshop problems its a joy to discover such good honest workmanship. I am chuffed to bits and cannot wait to get on with it and get it fired up for the first time in 20 or so years - need to get the inlet manifold back first though, but plenty to work on now. Come and see it at Stoneleigh it should be running by then. Sorry Colin / Amanda should I have said that ?

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves

There we are, automotive porn!

How much ? £1800 plus vat, which brings the expenditure to £20342

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