Tuesday, 17 January 2012


There's a space in my garage, I towed the estate to Macclesfield today, to JP Exhausts. The car was put on their ramps, and they scratched their heads a little, but there is now a plan as to how to fabricate the exhaust.

Because of the estate "boom" issues I asked for 2 or 3 silencers, I think quiet is better rather than cherry bomb noise  in such a refined vehicle, so the plan is as follows.

The driver's side manifold will follow the normal Stag route of exiting down by the oil filter, but the other bank will exit at the front, be taken round the front of the engine, between the antiroll bar and the steering rack subframe and then backwards to join the driverside exhaust Y fashion at the back of the gearbox in a single pipe.  The first silencer will then sit in the large recess under the driver's seat. The pipe then follows the transmission tunnel with a small inline silencer and hoop over the driveshaft through the sub frame arm as normal. A further silencer will then be fitted under the boot floor (as I still have the spare wheel housing lump projecting down under the boot floor), exiting in twin pipes Stag fashion. Not easy to describe, but I will get pictures when I collect the car in 2 to 3 weeks time.

They had some nice machinery in there too - a Metro 6R4 complete with a custom manifold with 32" primaries that they had just finished.

So while the estate's away I shall finish the rear seats and check what parts I am missing to finish the machine - might make Stoneleigh yet!

4 hours work today.

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