Sunday, 15 January 2012

Radiator and Interior

First job this frosty cold morning (and no there will be no pictures of my thermal overalls) was to fit the radiator, and the first snag became apparent, there's no way it will fit with the conventional engine fan and viscous coupling. I guess my new radiator is thicker than the original, so it was off with the viscous coupling, radiator in, and an electric fan on the pending purchases list - at least it won't hold up the exhaust fitters.

Then it was time to complete the headlining so I could replace the screen. I still cannot get all the wrinkles out, but its not too bad, and its clean, so I spent the rest of the day after fitting the screen, fitting the B post covers, the grab handles, coat hook, sunvisors, interior lamp and rear view mirror. i can assure you its a lot quicker to say that than to do the jobs - the worst issue was locating the mounting holes through the new headlining, in the end I cut pieces from the old lining where the parts were fitted and used the holes in the old lining to identify where the new holes in the new lining should be, so at the end of the day the interior looks like this

Finally I fitted the D post covers that I had recovered the other day

Another 7 hours worked so the total is 857

And with that work done I have now completed 15 of the 45 jobs on my remaining jobs list.

While the estate is away having the exhausts made I am going to finish the seats, the inlet manifold should be back with the threads recut where the water bypass pipe connects, so on its return I will re-shim the cams, fit the maniold, carbs and distributor and have a go at bringing the engine back to life

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