Thursday, 12 January 2012

Heads and Headlinings

Bit of a bits and pieces day really. Started with the heads setting tappet clearances with shims, typically by the time I had juggled the existing shims about and my spare shims, I had managed to gap half the tappets accurately, but the other half are way off and I cannot locate anyone with the correct shims in stock. All is not lost because I know a man in Coventry who can grind the shims for me, but not until next week.

The car is going off for its manifolds and exhaust on Tuesday, so I guess the heads will have to go on, and be re-shimmed later

Next job was back on the headlining, I managed to get more wrinkles out (but it still needs a little more work) so I decided to fit the rear tailgate hinge cover that I had repainted. The manual shows this held in place with nuts and bolts, but how they hold the nuts in place is beyond me, so out with the rivnet gun

 a few minutes later and 9 rivnuts fitted in place

Metric M5s I am afraid, but it makes fitment and removal of this so easy

I WILL get the remaining wrinkles out, I think its where the material is catching on the hoop bars that hold the lining in place, but its one of those jobs to be done bit by bit.

While doing the lining I was reminded of the state of the C and D post trim covers, which look like this

These were stripped, and repaired

and then recovered to look like this

The C post covers are just cloth strips, so I have saved some material to be applied later

Hours worked now 835 - 8 hours today

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