Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Under the Roof

I need to attend to the tailgate tortion bars, but its a job that I have been putting off, however I cannot delay much further as I have now picked up the new headlining from Aldridge Trimming. Its a really great job done by them, in the original material too, here's the old grubby one, complete with rips and various stains.

And here's the new one, a little wrinkly until its fitted, but beautiful and unmarked white

This meant that I had to attend to the tailgate hinge cover, as the old one looks worse than the headlining

This has had a good clean and 15 coats of vinyl cote to bring it up looking like this

So I have to now tackle the hinges, or maybe not, because I have just had a telephone call from Roy Burrel to tell me that the heads are done and ready for collection. No competition is it really, lets see, faf about with the hinges, or get the heads, fit the cams and valves etc and fit the heads inlet manifold and shiny reconditioned carbs, I ask what would you do?

Sadly the tailgate will have to wait for another day.

Money spent now £17732 - £127 for the headlining

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