Sunday, 8 January 2012

Not the job that I had hoped to finish today

I had hoped to finish the headlining today, but after I removed the front screen I realised that I didn't have the spire nuts to hold the sun visors in position, so that's the headlining on hold for a day or two. Although I shall be refitting one of Ted Taylor's new laminate screens when it goes back in

Still work must progress so I attended to a few of the small outstanding jobs. Firstly I cut down and reshaped the new battery bar retention hook, so that's now complete.

I got the horns fitted and tested. There is normally one each side of the radiator, but because the battery box is fitted on the driver's side, both horns have to fit here

And finally I went through my boxes of parts in the cellar to locate the new sunvisors

The rear view mirror, grab handles, both left and righthand, the rear estate interior lamp, and bits and pieces for the window winders

All ready for fitment when I finish the headlining, I collect the heads tomorrow, so i shall be assembling them in the next few days, much as Richard is illustrating on the CT Forum.

These little jobs don't add up to much, but all take ages, and they are more and more items removed from my jobs list, the end is almost in sight now.

Hours worked now 827 - 5 today

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