Saturday, 17 December 2011

Headlamps and battery

I am just back from a weeks hard work in Edinburgh, so feeling a little tired today, but I must make progress.

Fitted an 072 type battery today, in the battery compartment, I couldn't secure the battery clamp though as the modified Stag battery box required a shorter fastening rod on the inner wing side, and as I was re cutting the thread for the wing nut, the blessed thing sheared off, just above the hook. The next one will have the thread left alone, and after shortening, will have the end hook reformed with the aid of a lot of heat from my acetylene torch. Good job that I hadn't secured the vacuum pipe, as I had to move this out of the way to slide the battery into place

Next, headlamps, I had purchase a set of Cibies from Chris Witor, these look like the originals, but use modern lamps and give a superb beam pattern that is bright and more in keeping with modern cars.

To save the contacts in the column mounted headlamp switch failing, and to ensure maximum voltage at the lamps, I made up a stainless steel bracket to hold 2 relays

then added various cables

using this basic wiring diagram, which I hope is of use to others.

This was fitted on the nearside radiator support bracket behind the headlamps, well out of the way of water and road debris. The end result is this, low beam

and high beam

That was it apart from a visit from David Wilson (Spitfire 1500 on the CT forum) who came along for a chat and to collect the overdrive gearbox that I had collected from Edinburgh for him.

Ted Taylor has also kindly donated the missing heater vent pipes that I need too.

Hours worked now 818 (5 today)

Money spent now £17615 (£310 on Cibies, battery and bulbs)

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