Saturday, 10 December 2011

Heads and other bits and pieces

First job was to collect the NOS heads today and get them to Roy Burrell for attention, they came with new cams, followers and valves so some money saved on new buckets !

Sorry about the picture quality from my iphone.

The other jobs, cleaned and fitted the rear aluminium boot lip fitting, its not pristine, but I didn't want to polish it and loose the anodised finish. The broom is needed to prop the tailgate open!

Then on to the brake servo fittings, I replaced the vacuum pipes to the reservoir and generally finished off around the ABS valve. I haven't clipped the pipe in place yet, as I suspect fitment will need adjustment when the radiator and air intake are fitted. As I couldn't get the pipework re-plated , I cleaned it off, rust proofed it and then used some cadmium look alike paint for an authentic finish

Back to the wiring, I fixed the handbrake indicator fault, the wire was broken at the connector on the handbrake - nice and easy that one.

I then fitted the internal divider to the front nearside indicator and side lamp, hence rendering that MOT suitable.

The wiring to the rear tailgate was completed, and I now have a functioning number plate lamp and a rear screen heater. It was a right pig to get the wires down the rear D post.

The rest of the day was spent threading the interior light wires down the A and B posts to the door switches, so now the interior lamp comes on when the doors open. The disconnected wire powers the fuel pump - I don't want it "sucking on air".

Next job will be the head lamp relays, I am fitting some cibie's because of the night driving on the RBRR, its a shame not to fit the original Lucas units, but they are dimmer than a Toc H lamp!

Hours worked today 6, so the total is now 813, money spent on heads £1875 so a grand total of £17305

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