Monday, 5 December 2011

Electrickery and other bits

As I attend to the major remaining jobs, I am also trying to catch up on the little bits and pieces that also need completion, so I don't have a pile of small jobs left at the end to complete.

So first item attended to today were the hoses from the brake reservoirs to the master cylinder

Still needs a clip or cable tie to tidy up the lower hose, but its another item done.

Then onto the electrics.

First job was to connect a car battery to the main battery cables, but I did this with a 20amp fuse in line, its enough to power most electrical items, but will prevent a smoking loom in case of a major fault.

Started with the side lamps, first fault was an old bulb that had the solder connection on the rear compressed so much with time and age it was a poor contact. Then found that the nearside sidelamp / indicator was missing the lense divider internally (another item to source) so the sidelamp also illuminates the indicator and vice versa.

One of the NOS rearlamp holders had a mispressed bulb holder, so the offset pin stop and tail bulb won't fit, simply cured for now by filing one of the pins off the bulb.

On and on the job went, most faults caused by miss connecting green / brown to green purple circuits ! - hard to tell the 2 colours from each other, but by the close of the day most items were tested and working, but I still have to complete the side repeater indicators and the internal roof lights, with the starter connections yet to be tested, and a fault on the handbrake warning circuit. I also need to fit headlamp relays, and bolt the horns on.

Interestingly the car has the Stag type combined oil pressure warning lamp / brake PWDA fail indicator (all of which work).

Instruments were tested by grounding the wires at the sender position, and watching the needles move.

It was nice to see the instrument needles move after all this time, and wiper motors work etc etc, a good feeling of satisfaction as the car slowly comes to life after all these years

Believe it or not that was a whole day gone, 8 hours work so the total is now up to 807 hours

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