Friday, 2 December 2011

I am sure my estate is female !

Normally anything that you have spent time,and money upon and lavished with affection would be grateful, but not my FF estate, it can only be female! This week it decided to bite me upon the backside (again), and ultimately in the wallet.

The heads that I had had rebuilt with weld, and new guides, and even had pressure tested have been found to have so much corrosion in the exhaust ports (from being left full of water) that the valve inserts are in danger of falling out some day. Maybe not when the engine is first run, may be not in the first 5000 miles, but at some point, a seat will fall out causing valve, head and piston failure. So these are scrap.

What to do, buy another warped old set off ebay, go round the dealers and see if they have anything decent, buy a pair of SOCTFL re-made new heads at some £3600 and a long wait, no, I knew of a NOS set in the hands of a certain dealer, so I have struck a deal and purchased them - even I cannot bring myself to say how much they have cost, let me say however they are less money than the new SOCTFL ones, but more than a secondhand engine.

I suppose that I should be very grateful for Roy Burrell, his work and inspection of the heads saved a calamity and even more expense at some later date.

I really really hope that's the end of the nasty surprises.

On a brighter note I collected the footwell trim panels from Aldridge Trimming today

and delivered them an old complete and dis-coloured headlining from which they are going to make me a new one, so that's another job partially off the pending list.

I have resolved the brake pipe issues across the front bulkhead today, by finding some 3 pipe clips that fit and have similar dimensions to Triumphs 2 pipe fixing clips, a good reliable MOT approved fix

Finally a trip to Mick Dolphin sourced some other bits and pieces that I needed, including a right hand side grap strap - I already had the left handed ones.

The grubby white blocks - which will clean, (its the old mould release wax and years of dirt!) are the sunvisor retainers.

Finally I got the support rail fixed to the new driver's side shelf

So slowly and steadily the project moves forward

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