Sunday, 8 April 2012

Bits and Pieces

Just a few small jobs dealt with on the estate today.

I had a look at the new electric fan, and this works fine from the override switch, so I needed to look else where for the reasons why it appeared too hot and the fan wasn't coming on. The fuel gauge was also reading high, so the first suspect was the instrument voltage regulator. Simple - this, although a nos unit, wasn't functioning, 12v in and 12v out, so I am going to fit a solid state unit internally inside it, retaining appearance but giving an accurate 10v out. This will fix the fuel gauge, and also make the temperature gauge read correctly, so perhaps the electronic fan wasn't coming on because the engine wasn't hot enough - too much paranoia on my part!

The tacho fault is another issue, it has a 12v supply and gnd, and the coil pulses are certainly reaching it, so despite the rebuild it must be faulty - I have ordered a replacement.

The engine still starts first time, but the water pump still leaks - I am not going to mess with this, and have simply ordered one of the new ceramic water seals from LDParts. The impeller needs machining to fit this, and of course the inlet manifold needs removal and refitting, but worth while I think for peace of mind, so those will be next weekend's jobs.

That's it for today, once those items are attended to, and I know that the engine will not overheat, I'll get it tuned up, carbs and timing accurately set.

So the next job while that work is pending is to do the lead loading on the bonnet

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