Saturday, 19 May 2012

Loading the Bulge

First things first, I replaced the Tacho with a another reconditioned one, and this one works !

At the same time I replaced the bi-metal voltage regulator with a solid state unit, that I fitted in the old regulator casing - keeps it original, and the wiring unmodified. Now the instruments run correctly, and the engine fan does work, it wasn't getting hot enough before to operate the thermostat, but now the temp gauge reads correctly I was happy to let the engine warm up and see when the fan came on - which was a little over mid reading on the gauge.

Next item was the rear screen trim, now fitted, although I need a trim finisher - the little whitish dots are the wax from the original seal, which was painted in the mold to ensure the seal could be released.

Now on to the lead loading.

here's the bonnet partially loaded, showing the puddles of lead and a "filed back" area,

on and on, and its still not finished, but getting there, another day or two to complete this I think.

and typically when I started the car to put it back in the garage the alternator light stayed on. Probably a faulty alternator, it was new old stock from my motor factor - that hasn't lasted long! - I'll have a quick look at the wiring tomorrow and check the drive belt, but it has all the indications of a duff unit.

I had ordered a custom speedo cable from Speedograph (the FF box means it needs to be 20" inches longer than standard - despite repeated promises and chasing telephone calls it hasn't arrived - I don't think they are interested, so I have found another supplier, I am hoping for a better response from them

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