Saturday, 26 May 2012

More jobs on the way to to its MOT

I had fun and games this week trying to get the estate insured for road use, I tried all my existing Classic Car insurers without success - all turned it down because of the FF system - "might make it unsafe - might make it slow - any old excuse" anyway Adrian Flux came up with the goods so as soon as its MOT'ed it'll be on the road.

Back to the car, first job was to swap out the NOS alternator, for a recon one, this works so I now have a battery that charges - the old one has gone back for repair - although I have had it sat on the shelf for 2 years or so my Motor factor is repairing it under warranty - thank you.

Back to the car, finished the driver's door door seal (the last one) then fitted the driver's parcel shelf, this was a pig, the revised brake pedal caught on the shelf when in the correct position, so I ended up mounting it forward a little from the original design position

The it was time for some bling - fitted the stainless steel strips under the estate windows

followed by the door mirrors, and thanks to the diagram provided by Andy Roberts, the quarter lights open without catching on the mirrors.

next seat belts, the old ones were u/s so I purchased some from a well known parts supplier. The belts were supposed to be for a 2000, and I guess they do fit, but unless you have the seat fully back and have less than a 20" waist, you aren't going to sit in the seat with a seat belt on. More Cr*p from a supplier - they go back Monday and I am not paying the postage - they are not of merchantable quality or fit for purpose.

After a visit from MOE (and Chris Allen) that was my day done, so tomorrow its the water pump repair, and if its a little bit colder some more leadloading

MOT's booked for just over 2 weeks time so got to get a move on

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