Sunday, 27 May 2012

The V is dry

All stripped down, and repaired water pump fitted.

Here's the old one

You can just see the ring of rust where the seal bears on it

Anyway after reassembly, I now have an engine that's dry in the V, and the water system attains pressure. No leaks anywhere.

It needs the carbs setting up now, and slightly worryingly the ignition timing appears to have moved quite a few degrees, I am puzzled why as I didn't touch the distributor. First thing to do is check tdc and see if the crank pulley marks align, if not its the rubber mounted timing pulley moving. If the TDC marks are correct I am very puzzled - may be the distributor vacuum advance, but the whole engine is too hot to check today,  after letting it run to temperature to check for leaks. I'll have a look tomorrow night.

No lead loading today, the water pump replacement took all day, but there are 2 more weekends and a long bank holiday before the MOT

The jobs list is very small now

Part done - 9). Fit remainder of exterior brightwork (rear window surrounds)
13). Fit seat belts
16) Fit front and rear bumpers – part done
39). Rust proof box sections with Dinotrol
41). Complete bonnet lead loading and paint somehow and fit
42). MOT
Part done - 43). Get old registration back – part done
44). Cure slow airleak in 2 tyres
45). Run and test!

Hours now worked 1003

Money spent now £20991

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