Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ever felt foolish ?

I had a little time tonight so I went out to the estate to remove the seatbelts which are going back to the supplier, who will reimburse me - and has agreed to refund my carriage costs too, which I am more than happy with, no argument whatsoever.

I have the seatbelt issue in hand though, I have some NOS Britax units, which didn't come with a binnacle, but I have now located a nice one which is in the post to me, so by the weekend the belts will be fixed.

Anyway, while I was in the garage I thought I would check the ignition timing, static was fine, the bulb lit up at about 14deg btdc, so whats the problem.

Finger trouble I am afraid, I forgot my timing gun had a manual advance on the rear, and guess what it wasn't set to 0 - doh! worry and concern for nothing. I won't forget that again.

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