Saturday, 2 April 2016

HCR Preparation

Better late than never !

I have been too busy to work on cars recently, but it was time to attend to a number of jobs on the Sprint so that its fit for the HCR.

First off I replaced all the flexible petrol pipes fitted by the PO, they were not ethanol proof and were all leaking petrol.

Then it was time to attend to the distributor. The previous one had been bodged together from 2 units at the finish of the RBRR, so I could make it home, having limped the car from Didcot to the Plough.

I sent a spare sprint distributor off to H&H ignition solutions in Dudley, and got back a new looking one fitted with electronic ignition, fitted it looked like this

Its certainly sorted out the "points scatter", and the strobe timing light now gives a nice steady flash against the timing marks, without sudden jumps,

Next job was to replace the front tie bars - this is why - look at the wear where they go through the subframe

I got these adjustable replacements from Sprintspeed, this lets you adjust the length, the ST ones were 5mm shorter which is supposed to improve the handling

The final task was to replace the battery, during the RBRR I had intermittent issues with the electronic Davis Craig water pump controller when driving at night, AJP put this down to a faulty battery, and it seems that he was right as the problem has now gone away with this fitted

Finally a parcel of parts arrived this week, its a complete set of NOS gearbox internals for a Sprint gearbox, excepting the input shaft and the two RHP bearings, and the syncro cones - although I have already got 2 new sets of Stanpart ones, and Chris Wittor is supplying the bearings.

I shall be rebuilding my spare gearbox soon,,,,,,,,,,

See you all at the HCR

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