Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Sprint works on EDIS

Todays job was to get the Sprint working on EDIS,

So I started by making plug leads

and finishing the EDIS loom

I also fitted the wideband sensor Air Fuel Ratio Meter

So Edis loom and plug leads fitted

Next was to mount the trigger wheel and sensor, easier than it sounds as I needed to remove the radiator to get some working room, but all done, and radiator replaced

Disconnect the old coil ignition, power up the EDIS and see what happens, when I turned the key .. it started immediately.

One tiny tiny issue, when checked with the strobe, it was firing at 9 deg BTDC, instead of 10 - not bad though, and Microsquirt has an "ignition offset" setting to correct this, so well pleased.

However I do need to replace the connector on the sensor, its poorly fitting, although it was supplied with the sensor

Next job is the fuel system and relocating the battery to the boot.

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