Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sprint EFI work

Not complete yet but good progress made.

I collected the inlet manifold on Friday, which has had a boss welded on for the Coolant Sensor

Next job was to strip out the old carbs and ancilliary items - as its a slant4 there's lots of room when everything has gone.

I have also removed the battery as I want to relocate this to the boot, so I can fit a larger battery and have room for the airbox.

So time to fit the new manifold and refit heater hoses, with a new stainless steel heater pipe - the old one was somewhat rusty

next fit the injector bodies, so I can make up the wiring loom - I have run separate looms for sensors, and the injectors to reduce interference to the sensor circuits

map sensor with loom

injectors wired, with plug for IAT sensor visible

coolant sensor and wiring just visible bellow the thermostat housing
I have now sorted out the inner wing wiring, the loose fuses have gone to be replaced with a fuse box, and a new earth strap was made and fitted, and also on the body terminal you can see the negative battery wire, which will go to the boot with the positive cable, which is now fitted to an insulated stud, which has the headlamp and fan relays connected to it with the starter motor feed - I now have to run the 2 battery wires to the boot, but I shall do that when I fit the fuel lines
Trial fit of the airbox, air horns and the IAT sensor - this needs the boss "glassing" into place, when I fit the air intake to the airbox, I am intending to fit a large cone filter behind the grill where the battery normally fits and feed this to the middle of the airbox, coming up into the airbox from underneath, between cylinders 2 and 3 - this will also let me fit a MAF in the airfeed, if I want 
 The throttle is also connected and the fuel pressure regulator

I trial fitted the new batter cables to a loose battery, just to see if everything works as it should - all the wing wiring mods were correct, and Megasquirt now shows coolant and air temp correctly, and I could calibrate the throttle position sensor. I am not sure about the MAF sensor though - it needs the wiring or perhaps the pin outs on the connector checking as there seems to be no change in the readings when you "suck" on the input.

Apart from that I need to fit the battery cables, fuel lines, swirl pot and the lambda sensor - so nearly there

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