Saturday, 21 May 2016

Airbox finished

Today was spent tidying up the wiring and fixing cable ties to any loose wires, and replacing the dash.

I need to build a little amplifier for the Microsquirt Tacho drive, as although I have a Smiths RVC type tacho, the output is insufficient to drive it, - that's a little project to be done at work.

I then got on with finishing the air box and filter, I had purchased this K&N cone type filter and fittings, so it was time to fit it.

Filter in place - should get lots of cold air here, with the input just behind the grill. This is why I relocated the battery.

I then needed to fit an input to the airbox, I had intended to fit this between cylinders 2 and 3 but realised if I did this that I wouldn't be able to get my hand down to the dipstick, so I had to move it along a little, here's the input fibre glassed in place, I also glassed in the IAT bung

And now all fitted

with its lid in place.

What else to do but drive the car and try and get autotune to correct the fueling, because of heavy traffic I could only get about one third of the fuel cells corrected, and it was certainly running very rich, too much accelerator (and hence extra enrichment) and the car bogged down, and the AFR went too rich and off the scale, but its progress, I managed about 30 miles in it today, but I really need to take it for a good run with no cars about to finish the other cells !

The only other job is to either replace the lift pump or at least mount it on rubber bobbins as its a little noisy !

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