Monday, 30 May 2016

Tuning the fuel map

Domestic duties over I finally got a chance to take the Sprint for a drive today and get on with letting auto-tune correct the fuel map.

The first run out gave me this, I was still having issues with it being so rich that it bogged down at WOT, but after this run I then manually reduced the fuel table figures of cells that hadn't been auto-tuned and were adjacent to "tuned cells" where there was a large fueling jump.

This was a lot better and my second run out produced this - still some red cells with large disparities to adjacent ones, but much better and it is now hard to make it bog down

While its getting better to drive - and there's certainly more power there than in its previous carburettor equipped mode, it is getting difficult to explore the outer reaches of the fuel map without risk to my license ! I can see a rolling road session being booked soon.

Was the EFI conversion worth it? - you bet, it starts better, hot or cold, and has far more get up and go - I don't know about the fuel economy yet, but that's got to be better

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