Sunday, 12 June 2016

EFI jobs and wheel bearings

I had a few small tidy up items to finish on the EFI conversion, mainly the air box which currently has the lid held on with PVC tape.

I had a number of thoughts to secure it, either clips or some threaded bars either side of the flanges, but in the end I opted for industrial velcro strips fitted like this

with a finished result of this.

Much better.

Its a real flying machine now - the EFI has liberated a lot of horse power, I am going to book a rolling road session for it now, I'd be interested to see what power it has got, and to check my tuning results.

Wheel bearings, I have had continual issues with wheel bearing wear - and if the bearings weren't Timken, purchased from a reputable source, I would have thought that they were Chinese copies. Anyway I decided to fit new bearings, but after some research found this fully synthetic wheel grease (slightly expensive at £50 a tub !) which is supposed to significantly reduce bearing wear - which I still cannot understand as I have never had an issue with wheel bearings in the past provided a reputable supplier of OEM parts was used.

So after a little work, new front wheel bearings are now fitted.

Jobs left for the RBRR,now just replacement of the front seats with some MGTF leather ones I think, and lots of driving ! - off to Lincoln next Saturday for the TR International / CT National day

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