Sunday, 15 May 2016

Its alive !

I started today by removing the old fuel pipe, and then running the high pressure send and return lines - another nice day lying flat on my back under a car.

So here's the fuel lines where they enter the boot

and a view of them going to the front of the car

All plumbed in to the swirl pot

and connected to the fuel rail

and pressure regulator.

I then powered up the 2 fuel pumps, and could hear the high pressure one start, with bubbles and gurgling noises coming from the swirl pot as the air was expelled. No fuel leaks though!

The lambda sensor was then fitted and connected to its controller, its a fair way back down the exhaust, but this doesn't matter as it has its own heater, and the "self tune mode" of megasquirt is supposed to allow for the sensor delays due to distance.

I then was going to start the car, but I notice when the fuel pump relay "timed out" at the end of 2 seconds, the controller rebooted and started the timing cycle again. I traced this back to a back emf pulse from the ignition circuits, microsquirt wiring diagrams show the ignition system powered off the fuel relay, whereas megasquirt has a separate relay. So I then fitted an additional relay in my fuse/relay box, fed with a separate power feed, but still ignition switched - the difference now being that its ignition switch controlled, and not by the microsquirt, and all was well.

It did start first time

and I have it running reasonably well at a highish tickover speed. It gets a bit lumpy at tickover - its running too rich as shown by the lambda sensor, but you can see the spark timing vary, and if it slows too much the extra advance I have put in the table at slow rpms stops it stalling.

Microsquirt is also showing an incorrect lambda value, compared to the dash meter, so I need to check I have used the correct table in microsquirt - I presume the one currently used is incorrect.

However water temp, air temp and rpm, and throttle position all show correctly on Megatune, and the ignition timing also seems to vary as it should, so all good with these

I have a few jobs to finish before I try it on the road, I need to finish the airbox and cold air intake, tidy up cables, see if I can get the tacho drive to work, and fit the vacuum tubes to the map sensor and efi fuel regulator - I have it running in Alpha N mode at present, but would like to use MAP as well

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