Saturday, 14 May 2016

More EFI work

After having to work last weekend, I am hoping to get the Sprint running on EFI this weekend ...we shall see.

So first job today was to relocate the battery, and run the battery cables down the inner sill, using rubber lined P clips to secure the cables

I am intending to fit a larger battery in due course, and as you can see with the spare wheel back in place there is lots of room

With power restored to the car, I got on with the fuel system, first fitting the swirl pot and integral high pressure pump, and inline high pressure filter - all wiring has been loomed up as usual

lift pump and filter

and the swirl pot tank return, I have used a Stag fuel filler hose in place of the original Dolomite one, which has a breather connection for the tank which I have used for the fuel return from the swirl pot.

Out of interest I powered up the lift pump, and it filled the swirl pot without leaks, and I could hear the return into the tank.

With luck I am hoping to fit the high pressure fuel lines tomorrow

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