Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Running with EFI

I have done a little more work on the Sprint in the past 2 nights.

First job was to get the AFR reading on Tune to reflect the dash gauge reading - I had selected Techedge as the controller, but forgotten to burn the settings into Microsquirt, which resolved that issue

The MAP sensor wasn't giving a reading, I had wired it as a standard GM device, but upon checking found that 5v and sensor wires needed swapping over, so I corrected that, and by "sucking" on the tube could then get Tune to show a changing reading. I then used the data sheet for the sensor to put the calibration points into Tune - that done I had a reading at rest of 96kpa - close enough to the desired 100 kpa at sea level.

I then fitted the vacuum tubes from the manifold to the MAP sensor and the fuel pressure regulator.


That done I started the engine and it was a lot, lot better, as soon as it was at temperature I used the autotune to correct the low revs fueling, which was all set too high. RESULT ! in fact it was running well enough to take it for a very short drive, which let me autotune more fuel cells.

Tickover is now stable at 800 rpm, and it pulls off without hesitation

I didn't drive far as the dash is still loose and the airbox and filter are not complete, but it works well.
I suspect the cold start needs some attention but I will leave it for now until I have proper air filtration.

The filter parts will be with me tomorrow, but I think if all goes well it will be back on the road this weekend.

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