Tuesday, 7 September 2010

More suspension work

I made some more slow progress on the suspension today.

Firstly got the new tyres fitted to the rims

Then I got the rear brakes fitted to the trailing arms, complete with Nissan driveshaft and back plate, and the polybushes - the drums will go on later, I have just given them a coat of black engine high temperature enamel

A large part of the day was spent measuring bolts to ensure that I order the correct lengths, the extent of the problem can be seen here in the hub / caliper mounting, using a standard Stag caliper bolt there's a fair bit protruding, which will definitely foul the brake disk.

Then it was onto the front subframe, I pressed the ball joints into the track control arms, and fitted these to the frame, together with the steering rack. When this went to be reconditioned they set the mountings level - however for some reason thats not what this car needs, as you can see from the picture the passengerside mounting is far from horizontal.

To rotate it to this point was simple, it was just a question of undoing the locking ring, just visible in the housing, then rotate the housing and relock the ring. As you can see these bolts are also the wrong length, but were just some I had to hand to enable me to trial fit the rack.

Here's the other side.

thats it for today,

hours worked now 619, 7 today, 5 from last time which I hadn't added to the total.

Costs now £13475 - £236 on 5 Toyo tyres

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