Saturday, 25 September 2010

Do want the Good News or the Bad News?

Well you are going to get the bad news first, things can only get better.

I took the rear diff to Canley Classics, and Dave has stripped and inspected it. Upon cleaning there was an obvious rust mark across all the components where they had been out of the oil for the last 30 years or so, and at this point the rust was through the case hardening on the crown wheel and pinion, the bearings weren't much better either. So its a new crown wheel and pinion and bearings - another expense.

However after discussions with Dave I decided that I had better inspect the Ferguson front diff too and inspect for rust, better to find it now, than run the car and cause damage. I had originally decided not to strip the FF components, because of spares issues, lack of manuals etc etc, so this was a challenging decision.

Anyway, got the "sump" off the FF front diff, and apart from old oil no rust and no wear to be seen

Some interesting numbers on the back of the crown wheel - don't know what they mean, there's also a small tag that I found confirming the diff ratio as 3.45 to 1.

The next job was to assemble the quill shaft assembly so that I could bolt up the rear suspension

and now with the trailing arms etc

The next job was to remove the sump on the auto gearbox - I needed to do this to replace the kick down cable connection which can be seen bottom right at the bottom of the valve block

Although the fluid had been clear when I drained it the contants of the sump were horrible ! - another gunky mess, with I suspect some water in it, so its a good job this came apart - very little metal on the captive magnet though.

And finally I changed the input shaft oil seal

The bell housing is now going off to be bead blasted and cleaned.

I started work on removing the rust from the front drive shaft

Its better, but I think it will require a few applications of rust remover before its fit for painting.

Finally I had an invite from the body shop to inspect the car and the paint progress

Its looking very good, and I think will have a really good finish when complete, I am very happy with the work so far. They have put a great deal of effort into "blocking" the panels so there are no ripples visible when painted.

640 hours now worked - 9 today

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