Sunday, 7 November 2010

Its Painted and its Home

I am really pleased, its a lovely colour and the finish is very good, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves,

Got it unloaded - thanks for your help today Alan, although he did say that he is looking forward to giving it a good polish at the Classic Car Show!

Started on the rebuild, no time to loose

Firstly removed the front wheels and the front suspension, then Bulkhead mat in place and tunnel mat

engine and gearbox back in - and that was really easy with the reduced height of the engine having no heads, drag it under the raised car and lift - simples - and no need to worry about dropping the engine on to the car.

Do you remember what the car used to look like ?

Thats enough horror pictures, and thats it for tonight, time for a beer, back on the rebuild tomorrow

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