Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tuesday's work on the estate

This blog is a bit brief because everything went to plan and I am knackered after another 12 hour session on the car.

So updates today.

Got the front wiring loom in.

Got the windscreen wiper wheel boxes and motor in

Got the Stag inertia switch in - cuts the fuel pump if you have a prang

Got the dash in

Got the steering column in and connected to the rack - can steer it now. - The column will have to come out as there is too much play in the top bearing - I think its something I have done on installation - I have probably disturbed the top star washer that holds the inner race in place, which now leaves a little up / down play

Got the front screen in - no trim finishers - they are too time consuming for now

Got the front sidelamps in and a Triumph badge on the front

Got the tail gate glass in - again the trim finisher can wait

Got the tail gate lock, striker and mechanism in and it all works

Got the number plate lamp in

Got the tailgate vents installed

Got the NOS tailgate seal installed.

Got the rear lamps installed

Got the ABS servo and control valve installed - some of the vacuum hoses need replacing but thats for another day

Tomorrow its check and tighten up the bolts on the rear suspension, and then try and get door locks fitted and the rest of the glass.

713 hours worked - 12 today


  1. for top column bearing, get rid of the serrated washer and get one of these;


    Fit it onto the column and pack out the gap between it and the steering wheel nut - I used the ring ends of ring spanners - it will tighten the top bush in the same way that the serated washer does but will NOT come loose.

    Great resto by the way


  2. Richard,

    thank you, I had forgotten about these - and I have one on my stag!




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