Saturday, 20 November 2010

Keeping up the Momentum

In the rush to get this car ready for the show, I didn't publish the last items I managed to finish on it a week last wednesday, so here they are, all the FF bits in,

brake reservoirs

extra large vacuum storage reservoir

and some pretty bits, front grill and headlamps

and the NOS tailgate seal - a perfect fit.

Being tired today, and a little bit relieved to have got it back from the show in one piece, and its cold outside I didn't really fancy working on it, however as I was reminded yesterday, "I need to keep the momentum up", so I braved the cold and did a few hours work. All fiddly stuff, as I wanted to finish the trim on the tailgate,

so I fitted the correct rear triumph badge (especially for Dave Harvey, who was the only one that noticed I had put an incorrect badge there) and started to mark out for the rear trim.

Its a job I hate as the holes have to align up perfectly if the trim is to fit, still, all drilled and fastenings pop riveted in place.

Now trim fitted, and doesn't it look better?

The tape visible top right is holding the trim above in place while the sealant cures - I always glue these edge trim strips on, as it saves the clips that Triumph used ruining the paint.

And thanks to everyone that I saw at the show, and thank you too for your kind comments about the car, its good to know that the restoration is appreciated.

Hours worked, 4 today and 8 last wednesday so the total is now 713.

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