Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Nothing beats the fumes from Contact Adhesive!

I had to go into work early today, and as the Starret hole saw had arrived, and the foam, what better excuse than to leave early and do some theraputic work on the estate.

So I started off drilling all the holes needed in the hardboard, starret hole saw is also visible

One side of the board and the foam was then coated in high temperature contact adhesive, thats a lot of glue and a whole lot of fumes, as I was doing this on the breakfast room table Anne made me shut myself away and open a door to the garden, apparently the fumes were making her cooking taste funny!

Here's the boards with the foam stuck to them and all cut out.

Next job was to position the old vinyl on the boards and glue round the back edges only, when the glue goes off, you tension the vinyl and affix it onto the glue on the hardboard, so all the glue is on the rear face.

And here's all the finished trim panels, nice and flat, original vinyl with good fixing holes. I am going to give them a final finish with the vinyl paint, but I am happy with the result.

The 2 remaining hardboard panels need carpet gluing to them (ah more adhesive fumes) and fitting to the footwells. I have a plan for this, I am going to buy some carpet from a trimmer, and ask him to keep the rest to trim the rest of the car with.

I have to do the estate load area and seat backs now, because these are all warped and twisted too, but these will need 7 or 8mm marine ply.

Hours worked now 790, 4 today, and £14 spent on foam, £6 on hardboard.

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