Sunday, 20 March 2011

Power Steering Pump and PWDA

The first item to attend to was a quick coat of paint on the unfinished passenger parcel shelf, which is now ready to go back in the car

Power steering pump rebuild now, I removed the front pulley and then the 2 bolts from the rear case, and the flanged hose input leaving this

This cover is just retained by a large O ring at the front of the pump and will gently "tap off" from the front housing

Next to come out is the large circular internal clip, removal of this is helped by the hole where the small screwriver is inserted, which allows you to dislodge the clip, which when removed, and the "dish" underneath reveals this. The pump vanes are not spring loaded, but rely upon centrifugal force to force them out against the housing

The pump itself comes apart too,

and all this strips down into these component parts
After a good clean, the rebuild is a simple process of replacing the various O ring seals, lubricating it all with power steering fluid and reassembly, simples really I used a repair kit from LD Parts

Here's the rebuilt pump during painting, nice and shiney!

The PWDA valve (pressure warning differential actuator) looked like this at the start
and comes apart by unscrewing the nylon switch, then the large steel nut. The shuttle valve itself is always stuck, and the best removal method is to heavily tap the pwda valve onto something immoveable, and inertia will cause the shuttle to drop out
here are all the bits

the shuttle, top left just requires a clean and 2 new O rings, the brass body was cleaned by soaking it in vinegar overnight (coca cola works too), and I blacked the steel endpiece with that Frosts kit I used on the rivets
reassemble with some brake fluid, and here's the finished item

If Alan Chatterton requires more bling under his bonnet he can always get this chromed!, although watch out for the shuttle bore.

Thats 5 more hours today bringing the grand total hours worked to 803 hours


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  2. You have clearly demonstrated the technical aspects with pictures and how to replace power steering fluid and o-ring seals. The article is clean with lot of specifics and good pictures.


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