Saturday, 24 March 2012

A day of little finishing jobs today, got the new radiator fan controller installed and tested

then fitted the ABS module, I am not sure how this triggers as nothing happens when 12v is applied, I suppose it needs to see pulses from the tooth wheel in the transfer box, followed by an abrupt stop in them before it applies the abs valve - not sure - unless its 12v supply is supposed to come from the brake lights - time will tell, at least no smoke escaped from it when I wired it up. It looks to contain discrete components so should be quite repairable. A bit more carpet needs fitting behind the module.

I then finished the rear carpet and fitted the sill tread plates

I then remembered to attend to the rear subframe anti vibration straps, they had been incorrectly fitted by the  paint shop - which I don't want to think about, there's a really good diagram on Chris Witor's site under technical, which show the correct way to do this.

I finished the day faffing about getting the trim finisher in the rear window surround - who invented these - I gave up in the end as its time to go to the pub !

I have even found my boot floor key for the spare wheel, so that's stowed in its little pocket.

A few more finishing jobs tomorrow.

For the sake of a few shims I could have started it today, never mind next Saturday is the day when  it will live again (I hope), although I want to look at installing a water header tank for the radiator, but that's made more difficult than normal as the engine is mounted so high.

Not many jobs left on the pending jobs list  down to 13 items, and some of those are post engine start and MOT

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